In The Field Between Us

About the Book


This exquisite exchange of poem-letters between two disabled writers traces their struggle to find purchase in inhospitable landscapes―topographical, social, emotional, semantic.

In the Field Between Us is a friendship in poems, an epistolary project by Molly McCully Brown and Susannah Nevison that ponders disability and the possibility of belonging in the aftermath of lifelong medical intervention. In the beginning, the poem-letters express, in gorgeous harmony, the psychic and physiological complexities of surviving remedy. As the book unfolds, the writers encounter a natural world around them that increasingly seems to mirror the traumas they have endured. Out of its tracing of innumerable scars, this book emits a perseverance, a spirit of communion, and a hopeful resolve that rises out of the poets’ attention to detail and their profound connection to one another.

Excerpts from the book have appeared, or are forthcoming, in:

 Tin House, the New York Times, Blackbird, diode poetry journal, Indiana Review, and elsewhere...